A Foundation of Women

By Molly Fryda

Molly’s friends, Nina Bastian, Abby Petty, and Kandace Mack model their beauty and power as women.

My name is Molly Fryda and I am the Catholic Community Assistant for Catholic Campus Ministry. On March 8th for International Women’s Day, I proposed an event consisting of a display of all sorts of women. Those who inspire, hold historical significance, and serve in the church today all deserve to be honored. I want to display how important women are in this society. Women have such an impact everywhere. Women have an impact especially in the church, even if it is not always noticed. 

Dorothy Day was a divorced mother who made meals for those experiencing homelessness and the hungry. Even though she herself was poor, she never let that get in her way of giving everyone a place where they belong. St. Helen Prejean went into prisons and counseled the people on death row. She also counseled the families that were affected by the person on death row. Mother Teresa, well what did she do? These are just a very few of many women that model values of Catholic Social Teaching. These women are just ordinary people that have a passion for God in their hearts. They found someone in need and took off with the idea, resulting in the founding of many wonderful organizations that are still around today. For example, Dorothy Day co-founded The Catholic Worker, a newspaper that examines societal issues. She also was a catalyst for homeless shelters. St. Helen Prejean continues to speak out again the death penalty. Many states have banned this practice since her ministries became wide spread. Mother Teresa created the Missionaries of Charity after she found her calling to serve by providing medical help in India. She even opened a hospice for people with leprosy. She said her goal was “for people who lived like animals to die like angels—loved and wanted.” There are so many women to admire who have paved the way for us to continue spreading God’s love. 

“God is within her and she will not fall.” Psalms 46:5. This sticker is on my laptop as a reminder of the amazing women that have come before and will come after me. Women are so powerful. As you read this today, I want you to challenge your perspective and notice how many women contributed to the last celebration of Mass you attended.  I pray we may appreciate all women; however they come.