Alumni Reflections with Jonathan Braun

Jonathan Braun Class of 2013

Faith comes from owning a belief, reaffirming that belief in community, and then living it out. In my time at DePaul University, I was introduced to the ways in which St. Vincent and St. Louise put their faith into action and ministered to those in need. I am now a music teacher at DePaul College Prep, and I am grateful that I get to continue their mission and live out my faith within my school community.

I personally believe my work is a ministry. Inspired by St. Vincent and St. Louise, I frequently find myself asking “what must be done” at work.  Whether I’m collaborating with colleagues to undertake a massive task like building racial justice-conscious curriculum or simply picking repertoire for an upcoming choir concert, all of this work revolves around St. Vincent and St. Louise’s big question. Every moment of our day, big or small, can be an opportunity to bring God’s presence to those who need it.

I’m proud that as a community, DePaul College Prep seeks to build a strong faith in each student, parent, and teacher, and community member. We actively seek to grow together as parts of Christ’s body. As our school mission states, we empower our students to create a more compassionate and just world. We openly encourage our students to engage with others, discuss important and difficult issues, and act. We participate in acts of service within our school community and beyond. We celebrate Mass, and we turn to God in prayer each day.

Furthermore, we seek to bring this sense of mission and these beliefs to others.

With DePaul University as our academic partner, we seek to share resources and build connections. We go ever further and use Chicago as our classroom, and we go out into our city to serve.

Helping young adults learn and encouraging them to embrace and develop their faith is so rewarding, but I have found that in my five years at DePaul College Prep, my own faith has deepened. I’ve continued learning from the example of St. Vincent and St. Louise. I see how doing “what must be done” can shine Christ’s light in places that need it.

Class of 2013, Bachelor of Music Education

Current Position: Music Teacher and STEAM Department Chair at DePaul College Prep

Learning from Vincent and Louise at DePaul College Prep