Bonds of Friendship: My Goal for CCM’s Small Groups

By Alex Bednar

I came to CCM my sophomore year after being apprehensive to do so the year prior. I was certainly close to my faith before coming to CCM, but I had never been a part of a group who actively engaged in discussions of faith and service, and attended Mass together. I’m so incredibly happy that I did! CCM has allowed me to meet some of my absolute best friends and have some of the most powerful spiritual moments I’ve had in my life so far.

CCM provides me with a step away from the craziness that comes with college. It allows me to meet new smiling faces and participate in amazing opportunities to learn about my faith. It’s such a unique and special place, especially in this time in our lives when we have so much work and so many decisions to make. These transformative few years are so important, and CCM allows me to find guidance in my faith for every situation life throws at me.

As CCM’s Small Groups Coordinator this year, I hope we get to meet a bunch of new people who are enthusiastic about their faith and about joining this community that has had such an impact in my life.

And so I pray: Lord, thank you for a brand new year full of exciting opportunities. Allow us to be fearless with all challenges that we may face, and allow the bonds of friendship and family we find around us keep us strong.

I invite you to come to CCM and meet this amazing group of people, just like I did!

Autumn Quarter Small Groups: