Content Creation, Graphic Design, and Videography with Student Leader Jillian Nalezny

I am the Content Creation Assistant for Catholic Campus Ministry. I create promotional videos highlighting everything happening in CCM such as retreats and events. You can find these videos on our social media: (Facebook and Instagram – @depaulccm).

I am majoring in graphic design, so I spend a lot of time learning about color, typography, layout, and other elements that are necessary for making graphics. DePaul has a great design program that incorporates other skills into our learning including web design, programming, motion graphics, and editing. This is where I learned the basics of video editing and how I got interested in the position of Content Creator. It was challenging at first as I am used to working in programs where everything is focused on layout and had to think more about motion and video. This position has been a great way for me to expand my creative comfort zone and grow in a skill that I can use after I graduate.

I got involved with CCM my freshman year and it has been a part of my life ever since. Going to Sunday Night Mass introduced me to other students who share similar beliefs as myself and it encouraged me to stay involved in this community. Last year I had the position of Graphic Design Assistant where I learned a lot about cohesive and consistent design which has helped me a lot with my current position while making videos. I love being a student leader because it is nice to be a part of such a supportive community and it has helped me grow in my own faith. Not only has this position helped me gain work experience that I will need in the future, but I have also learned valuable leadership skills that I have used throughout my college career.

My goal for this year is to highlight all the groups and teams within CCM. There are a lot of great groups in this office such as the Catholic Women’s Group, Small Groups, and the Social Justice and Advocacy team who frequently have programming. I would like to help advertise the events happening in CCM because without being able to go into the CCM office, it is important that we promote our events online. I would also like to make entertaining content that is informative and gets people excited about our programming.

I am excited to work alongside the awesome student leaders this year! Everyone is doing a wonderful job planning online events, keeping the community engaged, and organizing Sunday Night Mass every week. I want to highlight the voices in CCM and help to promote all of the events the leaders have worked hard to create and organize. Even though it can be challenging being online, there are still a lot of fun events happening in CCM that everyone should check out!

Jillian Nalezny – Senior