First week of Advent – Hope -by Azucena “Ceni” De La Torre

One of the most radical decisions a human can make is to hope.

Hope necessitates trust. It is unconcerned with evidence and therein becomes proof itself (Hebrews 11:1). As with most worthwhile things in life, it is far easier said than done. Particularly now, Hope seems countercultural and for very decent reasons. The holidays, along with them, a season of abundance seems sorely out of place. Joy amidst a pandemic is a conflicting juxtaposition. But perhaps that is precisely the point. 

When we subscribe to Hope, we engage in an ongoing love of mystery with God. Hope stands firm in the present and awaits the future with open arms. Make no mistake, Hope is not for the faint of heart or mind. It requires resolve. It is reliant on Love.

Hope is not about hiding from reality. In fact, it is all about facing our lived experience and daring to know for ourselves that God never forgets us. To hope is to live in the world with eyes and hearts rooted in readiness to a future only The Lord could ever orchestrate. 

During this holy season, may we rejoice in the Hope that our Savior’s birth makes possible and be reminded that the same God born in a desolate place within impossible circumstances, became Hope Incarnate out of love for the world.