God is there in the Stress

by Katriel Hampton-King

Stress is a state within a person in which every demand/matter is recognized as more important than that person’s well-being, causing emotional and mental strain on the body. Stress has been a constant, weekly struggle within my life. My body treats deadlines, arguments with friends, and family concerns as though they are life-or-death situations. When overwhelmed with stress, my body completely shuts down and I shut out everyone in my life. It is like I’m being disconnected from the Earth for several hours without knowing how to calm down. But I do cope with my stress. I plan my day out to include breaks. I found that by planning out my life, the more productive and at ease I feel during the course of the day.

Stress also plays a key role in my ability to stay faithful even when the world is crashing around me. I always reference the story of Job. Everything from his livestock to his children are taken away from him, yet his faith in God remains. This passage has always been an important part of my life as a person that deals with stress. The paths that we are all on are not without speed bumps and challenges, but with my faith in God and my loved ones, I know I can brave through anything.