Gospel Reflection on John 1:35-42 by Eddie Olewinski

This relatively short Gospel reading follows an account that Jesus has with his disciples. John the Baptist introduces Christ as the Lamb of God. Jesus asks: 

“What are you looking for?”

During the last year of uncertainty, this question becomes more and more difficult for us to answer. Some of us may be starting or ending chapters of our lives and these circumstances may be adding burdens distracting us from what we are truly looking for. In this Gospel passage, we hear that Jesus wants to educate our desires, to orient our lives and to make us passionate about making a difference.

Jesus says “Come, and you will see”. He is calling us through these turbulent times, sometimes we are too distracted, too hurt, or too swallowed up in events; or we don’t know how to see or listen for His message, or possibly we aren’t listening for it at all. The main message of this Gospel is showing that Christ’s invitation is always open. Christ invites us, like Andrew and John, to follow him. He invites us to share a meal, to know His love, to suffer with Him, and to rejoice in the truth. Though we may not attain all we thirst; Jesus feeds and nourishes our spiritual thirst, as he is the Bread of Life, the Lamb of God. As Catholics, we are called to open our hearts and invite Christ in