Gospel Reflection on John 20:19-31 by Justin Matuszewski

In today’s gospel, we hear the story of doubting Thomas. Jesus after rising from the dead goes to the Disciples in the upper room who, for lack of a better word, are scared to death. They have just seen their friend be killed and they do not want to have the same fate. Still yet, even though they sit in fear, Jesus enters into their midst of it and gives them the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, Thomas was not present when Jesus came into the room and doubted the whole event. Jesus of course wants Thomas to believe in Him, so returns to the upper room. Thomas proceeds one of my favorite lines in the Gospel, “My Lord and my God”.

         I don’t know about all of you, but I relate so much to the Disciples in this passage that it is almost comical. I am in a constant state of fear and worry about what the world around us brings. However, Jesus doesn’t care about what the world thinks and enters into it anyway. He comes through the doors I have put up and offers me His peace. Furthermore, I also feel like Thomas and question things about my faith and Jesus. But Jesus too comes into the midst of that uncertainty and always manages to prove me wrong.

         Why is it that we spend so much time in fear about the things of this world? Because today we see Jesus pretty much checks all the boxes. When we are afraid and alone, He comes to us where we are. When we think we don’t have the tools to do what He asks, He gives us His Holy Spirit. When we doubt Him, He comes, offers His peace, and tells us to “stop doubting and believe”. The world is full of doubt and uncertainty my friends it has always been that way and will always be. But thanks to the Resurrection, we do not have to go after it alone! Jesus is there to walk with us every step of the way. He gives us everything we could need to thrive in the world. So, if you are feeling like I do so often, like Thomas, let us relish in His response to Jesus: “My Lord and my God”. The Lord and God of the Universe, the world, and every one of our lives. He comes without fail into our lives, through the locked door, through the fear, and through the doubt. All we have to do is let Him.