Gospel Reflection on John 3:14-21 from Jessica Camacho

John 3: 14-21 tells us about a conversation that Jesus had with Nicodemus. This passage reminds us how sometimes we tend to forget about God, especially because we want things to work out and we want them fast, so we get impatient when we don’t receive what we want, so we tend to stop believing, we tend to forget. However, this passage tells us about the Love that God is greater than what we have in mind. The love of God is infinite and He is constantly giving it to us, even when we are not paying attention, even when we forget about Him. God loved us so much he gave us his only Son, who was sent to the Earth with a purpose, and so are we. This passage talks about condemning and saving, believing and not believing, and staying in the darkness or coming into the light and making these choices in order to have eternal life.

We talk about eternal life because we are aware that death is inevitable, and so are other things that we can’t explain, but this passage is calling us to trust in God and realize that eternal life is not about either-or, but rather is about even when, even on those days that we’ve lost our hope, even when we think there is nothing else to do, God is there for us, God is there for us in the unknown to guide us. Therefore, we need to be aware of His light, his love, his forgiveness, and we need to learn from those qualities and healing and share them with others in order to spread the light to others and accept others light, we must support one another and appreciate the gift of supreme love that God gives us every day and trust Him in order to achieve eternal life.