Gospel Reflection on John 8: 1-11 by Michael Calibugar

Michael Calibugar – Sophomore

In the passage from today’s Gospel, Jesus is confronted by the scribes and the Pharisees who brought a woman that had committed the sinful act of adultery. They claimed that those who commit adultery must be stoned according to the Law of Moses. However, Jesus said to the crowd that whoever is clean from committing no sins can be the first individual to throw a stone at her. No one had stepped up to pick up a stone, and Jesus himself chose not to stone her even though he was the only one worthy of throwing a stone at her. He righteously chose to not condemn her and instead to go out into the world not committing any sin anymore. 

This passage relates to me in my life in many vulnerable ways. There are many times when I find myself judging others for mistakes they have committed thinking I am a better “overall” person when I am just as flawed as they are. I feel like calling them out as my first initial reaction is the right way to handle the situation, but it may not always be the right solution. 

It is important for all of us as Catholics to realize that we are all human and we should not condemn others for their mistakes. If Jesus, who is perfect, can forgive and not oppress others for their sins, then I should be able to follow that example in my life as well. As people that follow God’s example, we should welcome those who feel unworthy and have made bad mistakes by showering them with God’s love and empathy. 

According to the words of Abigail Van Buren, she states that “a church is a hospital of sinners, not a museum of saints.” We should be able to live out that statement just as Jesus did in this passage.