Gospel Reflection on Luke 24:35-48 by Jillian Nalezny

In this gospel, Jesus approaches the disciples who at first are startled and don’t believe that he is real. Jesus tells them to look at his hands and feet for proof that he is living and as a reminder of his love for them. He shares with them the scriptures and tells the disciples that they must be examples to others as he was to them.

It’s in the times when I am most overwhelmed and fearful, when I feel it is hardest to trust that I am on the right path, doing what God has planned for me. I find that a lot of times it is easier to doubt and feel frightened than to fully acknowledge that God has everything under control. The disciples had to see Jesus’s body to believe and know that it was truly him by their side. Jesus shows them his body for proof of his eternal love for the disciples and that he endured so much pain for them. We may be scared at times or feel abandoned, but Jesus reminds us that there is nothing we cannot face when we have his love. It is in these moments when our faith is at its strongest.

“Why are you troubled, and why do doubts rise in your mind.” Jesus is our consoler. He is there when we seek comfort even when we don’t ask for it and may not realize that he is there. He reminds us that we must not be afraid because he is with us and we should never be doubting this. In this passage, we are told that Jesus’s love is all around us, even when we can’t necessarily see it right away. This is what I think is beautiful about our faith. We hold in our hearts the ability to love and see God in others just as it was planned for us to do. As the disciples were told, we must live out our faith being examples for others to follow and find peace just as Jesus does.

Jillian Nalezny – Senior