Gospel Reflection on Luke 6: 39-45 by Victoria Garcia

Victoria Garcia – Sophomore

In this passage, we see the importance of healing oneself and accepting your own sins before misjudging others. As people, we always have a desire to be right. But one thing I’ve learned after reading this passage is that you have to let yourself be vulnerable and learn from your mistakes. It’s not always easy to admit that you are wrong, but it takes strength to do so.

Finding the good in everything and working on myself has been something I have been working on, especially in school. As students, I think we are at our most vulnerable state. We are constantly wondering what will happen tomorrow and what we will become in the future. A big thing that I still struggle with as a student is asking questions. I think asking questions is one of the most powerful things to do but it can be intimidating in front of peers. Ironically, I tell my friends to not be afraid to ask questions when in reality, I should be listening to myself. I am still learning to break out of my comfort zone when it comes to asking questions in different environments like class or work but I am coming to learn that asking questions is one of the most valuable things you can do because you are asking for help and asking for a better understanding of something. I am still learning to ask questions but I know to never be afraid of being vulnerable in front of strangers especially if it can help me and others succeed if they had the same question. 

We aren’t perfect as people but I think the important thing to keep in mind is to try to better yourself every day by acknowledging what you can work on to be a better human. I believe that the most beautiful thing to do as people is to see God in each other. Reaching out to strangers, helping out your neighbors, friends, leaders, students, and everyone in between is something we have to look out for.

An important takeaway from this passage is the importance to better oneself and reflect on what you need to work on. As a Christian, it is important to help everyone but most importantly to focus on yourself first. And then you can become the teacher and help others view themselves with honesty and self-awareness.