Gospel Reflection on Luke 9: 28-36 by Claire McNulty

I don’t know about you, but I think transfiguration is a big word. Outside of the Biblical context, it is certainly not a word that I use in my everyday life. So, prior to writing this reflection, I Googled the word. I found that the verb ‘transfigure’ means “to transform into something more beautiful or elevated”. I don’t think this definition perfectly describes what happened to Jesus when he took a few of his disciples up the mountain, but it’s still a point of reference.

Claire McNulty – Senior

The best way I can decipher the Transfiguration of Jesus is that it is the moment when Peter, John, and James get to witness Jesus in God-like form. Jesus’ image changes right before their eyes, and the men are finally able to see Him in a fully divine way. To me, I would like to think that this is sort of an epiphany moment for these disciples. Seeing the Transfiguration would allow Peter, John, and James to finally connect all the dots about Jesus’ ministry and purpose on Earth. Here, they are reassured that He is the Messiah who’s going to save us all.

I can’t begin to imagine how awesome of an experience that the Transfiguration must’ve been for these disciples. Not only are they getting to see Jesus as a completely divine figure, but they also are realizing that the fulfillment of His prophecy is coming soon. It is believed that God allowed these disciples to see the Transfiguration to assure them that, yes, Jesus is going to endure suffering and death, but there is also more to come after that. Therefore, through the Transfiguration, faith has been renewed in Jesus’ followers.

I assume that this all would have been a lot to take in for Peter, John, and James. However, that’s exactly why I love that we get to hear this Gospel passage during Lent. Lent is the perfect time for us to think about the Transfiguration because this is a season where we can strengthen our faith and reflect on the true identity of Christ. Just like these disciples were given an opportunity to witness Jesus transfigure into his heavenly form, we are also given an opportunity during Lent to recognize Jesus’ divinity in our own lives. In preparation for observing His death and resurrection, we have been given this beautiful season to grow closer to Jesus and become more aware of the ways He works in us every day.

I encourage all of you to reflect on the instances in your life when you feel God’s presence. Though we were not able to witness Jesus’ transfiguration like the disciples did, we are still able to seek out the holiness of Jesus in our own lives. I can assure you that there are an infinite number of ways that He is showing us His love and divinity. So,

I hope that you can take comfort in these signs and know that with Jesus, there is still much more to come.