Gospel Reflection on Mark 10: 2-16 by Eddie Olewinski

Eddie Olewinski – 3rd Year

Countless people brought their kids to Jesus so they could get close to Him and possibly be healed of their illnesses. The disciples scolded those who approached, but Jesus was still pleased to see the people coming to Him. When Jesus saw what the disciples were doing, He told them to bring the children to Him.

Jesus then embraced the children as He blessed them all. Jesus told the disciples that the mystery of God’s Kingdom had been entrusted to his disciples. Since they have left everything behind, they are now searching for the presence of God. They are rejecting the Kingdom of God by rejecting the children. He then said to them, “Whoever does not accept the Kingdom of God like a little child will not enter the Kingdom.” In general, this indicates welcoming the Kingdom of God as a child receives it.

This means that we should enter the Kingdom without bias, hate, and mistrust but rather openness, love, and wonder. As we come into His healing love, His future will always bring a new dawn and transform our lives. It shows how God’s plan for His children is good news for everyone.

In this Gospel, we are asked to pray for two of the cares in the world – marriage, and children. We come into the Kingdom by asking for forgiveness, but we will never lose our need to rely on Jesus. When we accept Christ as our Savior, we will still need to rely on him, as a child does to their parents.

Children have a great capacity for fun and laughter, so start smiling a little wider and hug a little tighter. Today, and every day, celebrate the simple gifts of life that are around us.