Gospel Reflection on Mark 9:2-10 from Aidan Morrissey

This Gospel is the Miracle of the Transfiguration. As we heard from the reading Peter, James and John are led by Jesus up on a high mountain to pray. From there Jesus transforms into beautiful white clothing and is shown in his divine form alongside Elijah and Moses. God then calls down just like in Jesus’ baptism and proclaims “This is my son, whom I love. Listen to Him”. This miracle is so important for it is when God shows us that Jesus is the true bridge between Heaven and Earth. He proclaims his son to us and gives us a connection to Himself. This is one of the first ways that God gives us the ability to have this connection, the latter being the crucifixion. To me, this miracle brings out a very important aspect of our faith: the confirmation gift of Wonder and Awe or as previously referred to as the Fear of God.

         I will have to give credit for my example to Dr. Moringiello from the Catholic Studies Department. Whenever he would describe to us this gift of the Holy Spirit, he would ask us to imagine what would happen if your favorite celebrity walked in the door right now. We wouldn’t know what to do or what to say because we might not think that we are cool enough. I think this example is very pertinent to this reading and the time.

We have just finished preparing for the coming of Christ during Advent and we are now on our way preparing for lent and the crucifixion of our Lord. It is important for us to call to mind our sins. If I put myself in the shoes of Peter and I am praying with Jesus and all the sudden the sky opens up and I see the bridge of Heaven and Earth, I would not know what to do. My fear would come from not being enough. That’s exactly what comes to mind in this passage and my example of a celebrity. It is not that we are afraid of them, but we are afraid that we will not be enough. So as we prepare for our Lenten journeys let us reflect on the Transfiguration, that God has proclaimed his son to us for our sins so that we may not perish but have eternal life.


Aidan Morrissey – Junior