Our Latinx Community: My Hope for Tepeyac

By Kelly Garcia

It is an absolute honor to take on the role of Latinx Outreach Coordinator for Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM) in the upcoming school year.

As a Latina student, I know how important it is that we, as a university, continue to come up with ways to be a resource for our underrepresented students. It was through Tepeyac, a student organization based in CCM with a focus on Latinidad, that I was able to find my own support base.

I don’t identify as Catholic, so I was initially hesitant to join Tepeyac or to even step foot in CCM; however, I quickly realized that there wasn’t any other space on campus for Latinx students that were looking to dive deeper into their faith. After joining, I made it my personal mission to find ways in which we could provide opportunities for our Latinx community to talk about our culture and spirituality.

We have been successful in recruiting more students at our events as well as in becoming more specific with what our goal is as an organization. My biggest hope for this year is that we can continue to be a team of students dedicated to serving our Latinx community and bringing us closer together through faith, music or food.