• Student Life
    A Senior Reflection by McLean Casey

    My name is McLean Casey, I am a Theatre Management Major with Minors in Busines …

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  • Alumni Reflections
    These Things Can Never Die: An Alumni Reflection by Michael Koss

    I felt adrift, unbalanced, and uncertain about my future goals not long after I graduated, …

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  • Gospel Reflections
    Gospel Reflection on John 20:19-23 by Damita Menezes

    Jesus Appears to His Disciples This short gospel ends with a powerful gift given to …

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  • Everyday Catholicism
    Solemnity of Pentecost by Matt Merkt

    Today we celebrate the Solemnity of Pentecost – the fiftieth day after Easter!  Pentecost commemorates …

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    What Lent Means To Me

    What Lent Means To Me

    by Janessa Juntilla I grew up in a family dedicated to the Catholic faith. Some of the most clear memories…

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