Senior Reflections with Megan Evans

Hello, hello, my name is Megan Evans! My major is Film and Television with a concentration in Visual Effects. I also have a minor in Animation. I am pursuing film because I really enjoy movies and digital media…more than your average Joe. I have a passion for the big screen and I really hope to see some of my work there one day! A lot of visual effects work is tied with animation, so it made a lot of sense for me to add on an animation minor as well. My favorite class was probably my Digital Compositing class. We got to jump into the fun part of visual effects and I got to really start learning the ropes.

I am a campus tour guide, the president of DePaul Euchre Club, a member of the Screamin’ Demons Pep Band, and the Social Media Assistant here at CCM.

The people I met within CCM have really made an impact on me. I met some of my best friends through CCM small groups and the new student retreat that I was able to help lead last year. Being surrounded by people with such loving hearts helped me to grow in my faith and make it through this past year.

As of March 2021, I do not have a job lined up or even know what I will be doing right after graduation. I plan on starting the job search soon!

For the incoming freshman, my advice to you would be to explore your options here at DePaul! There are a lot of things to get involved with, so don’t be afraid to be involved in multiple things as long as you aren’t being overwhelmed.