Students Can Live Sustainably!

by Sydney Coyle
Source: Public Domain

Students are in a unique position to make sustainable choices in their daily lives. We can choose how much waste we create, how we travel, and how we use our purchasing power, but sometimes mainstream sustainability habits can look expensive. Thankfully, not all sustainable initiatives have to break the budget!

We can reduce our waste by using reusable bags, water bottles, and even washcloths help to reduce the amount of waste we create! Opt for a washcloth instead of a makeup wipe. The more you fill up your water bottle, the less likely you are to buy plastic ones! One of my favorite ways is to buy reusable cutlery and straws! Carrying reusable cutlery can reduce the amount of plastic silverware and straws thrown out each day.

It’s no question students have to buy a lot of school supplies.  One of the best things you can do is rent books or buy used books! Online retailers often have used books at a fraction of the price of bookstores. Save some trees and buy used! Ever throw out a notebook that was half full? Try to reuse notebooks and binders and recycle what you can when you’ve filled them up.

Some other tricks include: picking up trash on the sidewalk whenever you see a garbage can, participating in meatless Monday, thrift shopping and donating your clothes, biking and walking, and using public transportation instead of driving and rideshares.

Even adopting just one of these tips can help reduce your environmental impact and make your everyday habits a little more sustainable!