This is Just the Beginning – A Senior Reflection from Damita Menezes

Hello! I am Damita – an undergrad international journalism senior. During my four years at DePaul, I have had six on-campus jobs, two internships and lots of responsibility. There were tough times because of my workload but I never regretted any decision I made when it came to advancing my career – isn’t that what college is essentially about? We’re paying so much money to hopefully get hired in our society, right?


I am going to remind you that while college is about the grind (according to me), it is also about broadening your mind and opening yourself up to new experiences. Take it from me because I left my family and home in India at 17 to get educated continents away.

My academics and building up my portfolio was and is my priority. If I was legally permitted to do more than two internships, believe me, I would have had at least five by now. At the same time, as a dry sponge, I was absorbing this new western world. I put away any stereotypes, biases, and fully opened myself to my new individuality in communion with my new community.

During my freshman and sophomore year, I was focused on learning — Meeting new kinds of people, attending odd classes, exploring Chicago. However, there were moments when I justified my naivety to be walked over by people. Because I wasn’t confident in myself, I would let people improperly guide me. But again, I have no regrets because I learned from my experiences.

As an international student, there are a lot of unknowns about my future in this country. Immigrating to the United States is tough. And staying here is even tougher because there are so many rules and regulations that are designed to get you out.

During my junior year and as a senior, I have taken charge of my life and my journey. Through my trust in the will of God in my life, I have security and courage about my future. Wherever I am, I know that that’s what He wants me to be.

Upon graduating this quarter, I will be working a year’s long internship and after that I will be attending Northwestern University for my graduate studies.

Graduating from DePaul is just the beginning for me and I am very humbled and excited about my future, as long as I have my God with me.

Damita Menezes – Class of 2021