Women’s Group: Always with Love

Edited by Julia Callahan

The smiling faces of some Women’s Group members, April 2020

This year within the Catholic Campus Ministry community, many students found there was a need to bring strong, Catholic women together to talk about life, faith, and learn alongside each other. With the help of CCM staff and students, Women’s Group was born. It has since grown to be one of CCM’s most attended weekly events. While members don’t always share the same beliefs, they do agree on a few things: act, speak, and listen with love. Always with love. Here are some thoughts from Women’s Group members:

With the guidance of Ceni, and seeing the need of having a Catholic women’s group within the DePaul community, I had no hesitations to help build this beautiful group. Each and every one of us is fearfully and beautifully made in God’s image. The gift of each woman in this group has changed my journey at DePaul, and challenged my beliefs and how I move in this world. We have become a sisterhood of unstoppable women who have a fierce love for not only God, but for one another. In my eyes, I see this bond continuing even when our journey at DePaul ends. – Francesca Santelli

Women’s Group has reminded me that living out the Faith entails not always being comfortable. It is more about being God’s love for people and encountering Jesus in the reality of another person’s life, completely different than my own. – Ceni De La Torre

Women’s Group has helped me grow in my faith and share it with other Catholic women my age. It is one of my favorite experiences I’ve had at DePaul because of the friendships I have made and the reverence, love, and respect within the group. – Erin Duffy

Women’s Group challenges me to see a variety of perspectives on topics in our faith. I’m so grateful to be part of a community who so openly shares their beliefs, listens, and supports each other. It helps me spend more time with God through all of the wonderful women I’ve met. – Julia Callahan

For me, Women’s Group is an outlet to live and grow my faith with women who are on similar journeys as I am. – McLean Casey

Through the Women’s Group I’ve learned that everyone’s faith means something different to them, and we are able to share this with one another. I love that we are a group that is filled with endless support and compassion. – Jillian Nalenzy

If you are interested in joining Women’s Group now or in the future, please contact Ceni De La Torre at [email protected].